SO Long ago, I and a group of children

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SO Long ago, I and a group of children, myself a child at the time. Sat in what was like a circle, my brother, my cousin, cuz’s three neighbor kids. We sat in what was like a circle, to my left, the neighbor boy, my brother to the left of him, in front of me, a neighbor girl, to my right my cuz, to my cuz’s right another neighbor girl.

We were each touching at the knee except for the girl in front of me, who was laying on the floor face up on her back. Every one had their eyes closed.

so during this, basically I was the mental driver in this, and we all mentally traveled to a place. ( no drugs were consumed or used in this).

It started with no one, saw anything, then, the girl laying on the floor and I were talking out loud, and I asked what she was seeing, and at first it was all black, then there was a door. I had her enter the door.

On the other side, before going into it, it was like a dream or something out of the [movies (based on me writing this now)]. Inside the door, we became on to this field, which in the distance you can see trees. In the field you could see many cloaked individuals many shapes sizes, heights. In the sky you could see 2 moons. but each were in different parts of the sky.

Ask for more details….

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